A Supercritical Air Mobility Pack

"Supercritical" Explained
Why is it super? It certainly isn't critical!

About Niwot Technologies

Niwot Technologies
P.O. Box 526
Niwot, CO 80544

Tel: (303)678-7135
Fax: (303)581-1046

Contact: Harold L. Gier



Specializing In Cryogenic And High Temperature Research &Development, Improved Breathing Systems, And Other NASA Derived Technologies.


Niwot Technologies' Projects
  • SCAMP Cryogenic SCBA.
    Breathing Only
    Cooling Only
  • Liquid Hydrogen Storage.
    Automotive Fuel Tankage.
    Long Term On-Orbit Storage.
  • Cryogenic Insulation.
    Spacecraft Refrigerators.
    Modular Cyrogenic Insulation For Large Tankage.
    Extremely Low Loss Tankage.


Niwot Technologies, LLC  specializes in cryogenics, heat transfer, and high temperature insulation research and development programs, founded in August of 2006. Since its establishment, NT has performed independant research as well as sub-contracting for Colorado State University. This contracts have ranged from small consulting contracts to larger hardware contracts involving engineering analysis, design, fabrication, and acceptance testing. This experience, coupled with the previous cryogenic experience the principals in the company have obtained means Niwot Technologies is well suited to perform virtually any type of cryogenic and heat transfer engineering.

In addition Niwot Technologies is working to produce the next generation in SCBA's, the SCAMP combination SCBA/Body Cooling system, a NASA derived spin-off for First Responders. 

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