A Supercritical Air Mobility Pack

"Supercritical" Explained
Why is it super? It certainly isn't critical!

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Eliminate Heat Stress

Body Cooling & Breathing in One Package

SCAMP SCBA Applications:

  • Aerospace and Aviation
    Launch pad, fuel spills and fires.
  • Fire Fighting
    Large or high rise buildings, tunnels.
  • HazMat and Cleanup
    Reduces the number of times a worker has to leave the work area and the amount of equipment that needs to be decontaminated.
  • Military
    Sealed chemical warfare suits require both air and cooling
  • Marine
    Confined spaces and narrow entries
Niwot Technologies' innovative SCAMPtm Super Critical Air Mobility Pack SCBA system achieves both body cooling and breathing from cooled supercritical (near-cryogenic) air.

The super cooled air (-320 deg. F @ 750 psi) is contained in a cryogenic dewar which replaces the high pressure bottle used by a standard self contained breating apparatus (SCBA). .

The SCAMP utilizes technology from the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, where supercritical fluids are used in life support and fuel cell electrical power generation systems.

SCAMP supplies up to one hour of breathing and body cooling. Since the SCAMP cooling source is the same air which is being used for breathing, no additional systems are required to provide cooling.


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